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The Rev. Samuel Lynes

Born 1806; Died Feb. 8, 1862, at 56 years, 8 months

- Son of Samuel Lynes (146)
- Brother of George Lynes (144)
- Husband of Sarah Jeanne DuBois Lynes (138)
- Father of four children

Oral history suggests the Lynes family emigrated to the Lowcountry in one of the first waves of Huguenot settlers (1) who found sanctuary in the Carolina colony after King Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes, which provided religious freedom for French Calvinists, in October 1685.

The Rev. Lynes owned Kibblesworth Plantation, which once encompassed more than 1,000 acres. Today the site serves as the Berkeley County landfill. His descendants moved to Savannah after his death. Lynes Parkway there is named in honor of his grandson, William F. Lynes.

More records for the Lynes family can be found within the archives of The Charleston Museum.

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