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Susan M. Breaker (118)

Born c. 1776
  Died October 6, 1839

 Susan M. Breaker was born about the same time as our nation, 1776. She and her husband Jacob Breaker were among the first   generation of members of Bethlehem Baptist Church, which replaced the Anglican Chapel of Ease after the American Revolution.   She was a faithful member here for 40 years. She and Jacob had two sons: John Jacob Breaker (1804-1830), who predeceased her
 and is also buried here, and the Rev. Charles Middleton Breaker, a Baptist minister who led congregations in
 Georgetown; Selma, Ala.; and Camden, where Susan eventually died. The Rev. Breaker erected her memorial stone here, which   reads: 

This stone designates the 
spot where her flesh rests 
in Hope. 
The inscriptions of 
her praise on earth are in the 
hearts of pious friendship
The record of her works of 
faith is in the book of life
She left this world without one sigh
And now she (???) above the sky.
This tablet as a memory of 
affection is erected by her 
                                                                              youngest and only surviving 
                                                                            child the Rev. C.M. Breaker
                                                                      Alas! my Mother

Given that her son's middle name was Middleton, some have speculated that Susan's maiden name was Middleton, though definitive documentation has not been found.

Two foot stones lie near Susan's grave: one marked J.B. 1828, and another marked J.J.B. 1830. The second obviously marks her elder son's grave. The first, one would surmise, marks her husband's grave, though his headstone has not been recovered to date.

In her last will and testament, Susan left one enslaved person named Frank to the Rev. Breaker. Susan asked that the rest of her property be sold and invested so that the Rev. Breaker would receive $100 per year in interest for the rest of his life. Any remaining growth beyond the $100 was to be added to the principal and reinvested. Charles' children, should he have any, were to receive Susan's property after their father. As Charles did not have any children at the time of his mother's death, Susan stipulated that if he did not have children, her estate would then pass to her grandson, John Henry William Breaker, sired by her deceased elder son. In the event that her grandson should die without issue, she decreed her estate should pass to the children of one David Platt.

Text and photo by Leigh Jones Handal.
Photo of will transcription found at www.rrb3.com. 

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