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Aaron Loocock 109

Died 10 Feb 1794, age 61 years. Aaron was the author of the book: Some Observations and Directions for the Culture of Madder; Library of Congress: SB287.M3 L66 1775; First published in 1775, Printed by Peter Timothy, 2 editions; the book is a description of cultivation and processing of madder, a plant used in red dye. He was also a Revolutionary War Patriot although not documented with the DAR. He was also the son-in-law of the Robert Broun, MD, and his wife Elizabeth; and the brother-in-law to Archibald Broun Esq. (Revolutionary War Patriot documented with the DAR) all buried here. He was married to the daughter of Dr. Robert Broun, Mary Broun. Apparently, Loocock's Medway Plantation was confiscated after the American Revolution. He took great efforts to regain his property. When he arrived in Charleston, he was detained at the Provost briefly.  Medway Plantation borders this property on the back side.